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Portobello Place is an all-inclusive care home

At Portobello Place, we want our residents and their families to have peace of mind when choosing a care home. That’s why we are proud to be all-inclusive. We talk about it a lot on our website so be sure to check out the extensive list of items and services all residents can expect to enjoy as part of this fantastic package.

Whether it’s a drink in the bar, a class with our artist-in-residence or a trip to the salon and nail bar, you can rest assured that everything at Portobello Place care home is wrapped up in one, easy-to-understand weekly fee.

A home with a
vibrant social
scene, whatever
the weather

Being a part of a social group and a community, with plenty of activities and interests is why many of our residents choose Portobello Place. The home is state-of-the-art and the facilities are second-to-none, but on top of that it’s essential that the home is a community where each and every member’s individuality is cherished, and benefits from being a part of something bigger. Isolation and loneliness in people in later life is rife and by living at such a warm, friendly home with a touch of luxury, those fears can be allayed once and for all.

Your Care

Whatever our residents’ capabilities and desires,
we’re here to help them lead their best life.
Through clear communication and constant
consultation with our residents and their families,
we ascertain what care each individual needs
and how we can seamlessly fit that around their
wider hobbies, interests and desires.

Services Offered at Portobello Place


Help on hand when you need it, and company and friendship always. Person-centred care is what we practice at Portobello Place and everything we do is focused on the needs of the individual and how the care can complement their everyday lives. Residents will undergo an assessment prior to moving in, where we can determine exactly how best to accommodate you and get to know you a bit better.


Residents living with dementia are cared for just like anyone at Portobello Place, but with their additional needs catered for. Often, the little things can seem more stressful at this point in anyone’s life, but we are here to help both residents and their families through it, with warmth and friendly guidance.


Day care enables non-residents to enjoy all the benefits of Portobello Place for a short period of time. Perhaps you want to try living in a care home before deciding to move permanently, or you need that extra care following surgery or an accident. Whatever the reason is, you can be assured of the same outstanding care and warm welcome.

and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing at Portobello Place is a priority

Feeling good about ourselves makes everything else easier, right? We passionately believe so, which is why we have paid very close attention to the parts of the home which encourage a greater sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Our gym and artist’s studio being just two examples.

Care Quality Commission Rating of Portobello Place Care Home

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