Why work at Portobello Place?

Why work at Portobello Place?

We pride ourselves at the Berkley Care Group on job satisfaction, paying above the minimum wage and respecting every member of our team. We encourage training, fun and above else people that have warmth and kindness and want to work with like-minded people.

The Berkley Care Group promise:

  • We pay above the minimum wage. We have decided to take the lead within the care sector which is why we pay all of our staff above the living wage; not the minimum wage, not the living wage but above the living wage. The results of doing this are that we have a care team who know they are respected and valued, and we are able to attract the best people to work in our home. Everybody wins, but most of all our residents.
  • We pay for training and personal development. The skills of our team are extremely important to us and the provision of care. We want our employees to grow, whichever role you are in – from cleaner to carer.
  • Meals supplied. Care can be tiring work, and we want our teams to be fully energised, so instead of bringing your own lunch in (which you are more than welcome to do!), why not enjoy a meal every day from your colleagues in the catering team? Just one less thing to worry about.

We’re hiring!

Carers often come from many other professions, so if you have been thinking about joining this amazing sector, a warm welcome and thorough training await you, in addition to a rewarding career working with people. Get in touch today, whether you are experienced or just starting your care journey.

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We're hiring!

Chartridge Lane, Chesham, HP5 2SH

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