Our rich local history, shown off in style at Amersham Museum

At Portobello Place, we’re incredibly interested in hearing local stories – but that doesn’t just mean current news. We also mean the history of our local area, and one brilliant place to find that out is Amersham Museum.

You’ll find the museum on Amersham’s High Street, under five miles away from our luxury care home in Chartridge. With just a 15-minute car journey to get there – and with wheelchair access – we have no excuse not to visit on a regular basis!

Amersham Museum as you see it now only actually opened in summer 2017, following a major refurbishment. The museum is a charity and is run almost entirely by a team of hardworking volunteers, which is another reason why we’re proud to support it with regular visits.

The museum offers the opportunity to explore the history of Amersham in 1580 and 1775, as well as snapshots from 1892, 1939 and 1964.

Additionally, the museum has loan boxes – themes include the 1960s, traditional toys, a night out in the 1950s, shopping and working lives. These boxes offer a great opportunity to transport people back to old times. Staff at the museum can facilitate sessions with these loan boxes, or you can borrow a box and run a session yourself; this is something we are incredibly interested in doing some time at Portobello Place. These sessions make for great reminiscence work, keeping memories alive, and they’re fantastic for our residents’ wellbeing.

So, when will you next be visiting Amersham Museum? We’re sure it won’t be long until we’re there! And if you’re nearby, why not pop in and see us at Portobello Place in Chartridge? Our brand-new home is now open and you’re more than welcome to come and have a look around.