Lovely lunches close to home at Chartridge Lodge

Just on the outskirts of Chesham and not too far from Portobello Place, you’ll find Chartridge Lodge. The building started out as a private house dating from the start of the last century, but having been transformed in the 1960s, it’s now primarily a hotel, conference centre and wedding venue but there’s also a fantastic restaurant there, open for lunches, dinners and afternoon tea.

As Chartridge Lodge is so close by and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, we love popping over for an hour or two for a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a little walk around. It really is a stunning place and as it’s just a mile down the road, it’s almost right on our doorstep!

Here in our Buckinghamshire care home, it’s great having such a wonderful place so close by – although our food here at Portobello Place is truly exceptional, it’s always nice to have the odd change of scenery – Chartridge Lodge offers just that.