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What a lovely summer month. This is just a snapshot of what we got up to in the home this August.

Fish & Fizz at Portobello Place Care Home

Fish and Fizz!

Fish and Fizz Fridays in our Bellingdon Bistro, as well as a light spot of gardening and Table Tennis! What a GORGEOUS day!

Finalists in the CHA Awards

Thrilled to announce Portobello Place is a Finalist for two Awards!

Finalist for Best for Architecture, Interior Design & Communal Spaces and Finalist for Best New Care Home In the Care Home Awards 2020!

We are so lucky to have been shortlisted from hundreds of entries to the final 6! Best of luck team – you deserve it!!

Coffee tasting at Portobello Place Care home in Chesham

Coffee tasting at our care home.

Our residents enjoy the finest Coffee at Portobello Palace; I mean Place... 

We enjoyed getting familiar with the beans and blends, and our main bean from Peru makes a delicious caffeine kick.

“A crystal clean coffee. Balanced, refined flavour with gentle spice and sweetness.”

Do you need a little Coffee to start the day? Thanks to Amamus providing the highest quality, and ethically sourced beans.

American Hoe Down!

Yesterday we enjoyed a terrific American Hoe Down! The food was incredible, mouth-watering! The beer was cold, and we tried our hand at learning Line Dancing!

Muriel with her personalised cushion, with a photo of her family.

Personalised Cushions – A Feel of Home

One happy Muriel! With the current restrictions on social distancing it is a little different, but today we surprised Muriel with a personalised cushion of her nearest and dearest to cuddle! Truly wonderful! ☺️

Chartridge Lane, Chesham, HP5 2SH

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